Slow Burn: An Anthology of Household Horror

An open door out of which pours pure darkness, next to an ink-splattered wall

Coming Soon

October 2023

Slow Burn: An Anthology of Household Horror is a collection of horror short stories that follow two rules:

  1. They must take place in a familiar or domestic setting
  2. They must elicit creeping dread

Shannon Lewis and Amber Donovan-Stevens originally created the Slow Burn Horror blog in 2020 as a home for this anthology. They worked with fellow graduates of the University of East Anglia creative writing program to gather a good collection of spooky stories. They were on track to launch in October 2020, right in time for the season of the witch. They pictured launch parties, book events, scary story sharing.

Shockingly, 2020 ended up becoming a bad year to launch something new. However, after two years, they decided to rekindle (pun intended) their plans to launch the anthology, still in October, just three years after they’d initially planned.

If you’re interested in learning more about the anthology, you can:

  • Follow @SlowBurnHorror on Instagram, where you can find regular project updates
  • Email with your questions

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