About Us

Slow Burn Horror is a hub for essays, fiction, and images based on the kind of horror that makes your skin crawl. Dread welcome. Low-level anxiety expected.

Our History

Slow Burn Horror was founded by Shannon Lewis, an English Literature with Creative Writing graduate from the University of East Anglia (UEA), because she wrote a horror story about eggs and didn’t know what else to do with it. Her friend and classmate Amber Donovan-Stevens joined soon after as the collective’s lead illustrator. Soon, a handful of other horror enthusiasts signed on. Today, Slow Burn Horror is a collective group of writers, artists, and readers with a taste for horror set on simmer.

Our Content

Slow Burn Horror is interested in creative-critical pieces (because that’s what happens when UEA Lit students collide) about what makes slow burn horror work. We love watching slow burn horror, reading it, writing it, playing it, and analyzing it. Are you interested in submitting a piece to our site? Send a message to enquiries@slowburnhorror.com

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